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Annual General Meeting - Lake Como, Italy

8 - 11th June 2015

Jeremy joined The B Team, a group of global-business leaders working to transform the private sector into a driving force for social, environmental and economic benefit, to share his vision for Peace Day. The Annual General Meeting brought together B Team Leaders, thought leaders and leading individuals from the world of business to discuss key issues that are confronting the globe. 

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Marketing Week


Peace One Day has featured on the front page of renowned industry publication Marketing Week, with an interview with Jeremy on how businesses can play a crucial role in the peace process.

The online article can be found here


1. To raise awareness of Peace Day, 21 September.

2. To increase levels of engagement and participation worldwide on Peace Day.

3. To raise funds to support the non-profit Peace One Day and enable the activation of strategic programmes.

  • To contribute to society in a positive way. A more peaceful world will create greater economic stability and increased business opportunities.
  • To increase brand affinity and build brand equity. Partnering with Peace One Day provides a platform for corporations to demonstrate their commitment to a more peaceful and sustainable world.
  • To unite and inspire an international workforce around a global cause.
  • To utilise consumer ability as a lobbying force for good and to leverage key contacts, opinion formers and business leaders.
  • To receive a broad range of related benefits, from logo marks, films and speeches to VIP tickets to special events and ownership of Peace One Day initiatives. These are explained in the Partnership Portfolio below.
  • To raise awareness of Peace Day. Awareness created by corporate activation creates action, and that action saves lives - fewer children are bullied, fewer women are hit, fewer guns are fired.

Here is the Peace One Day Partnership Portfolio, which outlines in more detail how you can become involved.

For more information please contact: 

Bruin.maufe [at]


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