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There have been some fabulous Peace Day events and activities all over the world in recent years in education institutions from single schools to large education-based NGOs, please take a look below at a selection of highlights from these events:

The latest Peace Talk with Jeremy

Young people are the peacemakers of the future and this class proves that everyone can take action for peace.

Jeremy spoke with the young people of South Holbrook School, MA, USA who want to institutionalise Peace Day in their hometown, Holbrook. At a town hall meeting, the civic class spoke to the State Senator John F. Keenan who supported their work. They then spoke to the Senate Sub-Committee in Massachusetts asking for the day to be institutionalised in schools in the state. They are still awaiting a response, but this is such an inspiring way young people have taken to build peace in their own communities.

Here is the film of the Peace Talk:



Global Peace Foundation & National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) - Nairobi, Kenya

2015 - The organisations collaborated with Amani Kibera and Kenya Scouts Association for a Peace Weekend to celebrate Peace Day. They brought together 600 young people from Kibera, Kawangware, Korogocho Slums, Kitale and Migori for a community service day, a Peace Symposium, Sports for Peace and a massive Peace Parade leading to the Nyayo National Stadium Basketball Gymnasium.

2014 - On Friday 19 September, the organisations partnered with the National Steering Committee (NSC) and the Ministry of Education (Peace Education Programme) to convene 600 students from 60 schools in Nairobi County and the neighbouring counties to celebrate Peace Day. The young people took part in a peace procession through Central Park to the Statehouse Girls' High School in Nairobi.

Queen Anne High School – Dunfermline, United Kingdom

2015 - Queen Anne High School went bigger than the previous year with an entire day of peace related activities to celebrate Peace Day. The day began with an assembly including the Sustainability Development Goals, and moved on to lessons and activities in the name of peace ranging from sports (football, rugby, netball, cycling and basketball) to culture (dance, music, art) The day finished with an amazing concert celebrating peace and Scottish culture with bagpipes and highland flings amongst other performances.

2014 - A peace themed assembly was held at the school to educate the students on Peace Day, and the day culminated in a peace and art photography exhibition open to the whole community.

Action Contre les Violations des Droits des Personnes Vulnérables (ACVDP) – Kinshasa, DRC

2015 - ACVDP organised a school contest about the culture of peace to celebrate Peace Day. Around 60 schools took part in the competition that started on the 5th September, including a selection of blind children, who submitted their designs and writings in Braille. On Peace Day, they announced the winner and played football for peace.

2014 - ACVDP started marking Peace Day the day before when 250 students from Our Lady of Grace School who shared ideas with their teachers and headmaster about building a culture of peace across the DRC and beyond. On Peace Day, the school from district came together to recite poems and songs for peace, as well as joining the Sunday School's 'Footsteps' programme to continue to share ideas about the day. 

Educational Complex №167 – Kiev, Ukraine

The school commenced marking Peace Day with an assembly where the students created a Peace Square on the asphalt and decorated it with drawings and flying paper doves symbolizing peace; they also sang the Ukrainian and UN anthems, hung posters and had speeches, poems and songs for peace.

Association for Youth Literacy and Trades Education (ASOLATE) – Unatek, Rwanda

2015 - ASOLATE brought more than 6000 children and young people together to participate in their annual One Day One Goal Football Tournament to mark Peace Day. This year’s tournament involved 16 teams who played a total of 31 matches throughout September. On Peace Day they also organised a very well attended Peace Walk to the stadium where they played the final. Around 60 students also attended the Youth Celebration at the Petit Stade Amahoro in Kigali.

2014 - As part of ASOLATE’s celebrations they invited local authorities and government leaders to take part in a 2km peace march through the city, as well as a 'Peace Tournament' over the Peace Day weekend. Their Executive Director, Mr Seleman Nizeyimana, spoke about his experience as a former 12 year old child soldier during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide and how you can make a difference wherever you are and in whatever you are doing.

Uganda National Youth Council – Kampala, Uganda

Some of the many activities organised by the Uganda National youth Council were a workshop to raise awareness and discuss the issues surrounding HIV/AIDS within the community, and a One Day One Goal tournament. They used the power of communication and football to empower young orphans and disabled children on Peace Day.

St. George School - Sydney, Australia

For Peace Day this year St. George School organised an amazing football activity for their students whom all have physical disabilities, in which the teachers assisted them to kick a 'Goal for Peace'. Each student received a Peace Medal to take home at the end of the day so they could share the experience and raise awareness of Peace Day with their families.


Jeuness'Espoir - Matadi & Kinshasa, DRC

2015 - Jeuness’Espoir brought more than 1500 people together in different activities in the build-up to and on Peace Day this year. They had a strong focus on education, which led them to work closely with UNICEF DRC and other education institutions to organise a series of events. These included two education forums in Kinshasa and Kenge, two Character Development workshops in schools culminating in a large education conference showcasing local school children discussing about the role of education in promoting peace in the DRC.

2014 - In May, the Coalition for the Promotion of Peace for the Kongo Central was formed by Jeuness'Espoir to raise awareness of Peace Day in the region. Their hard work also resulted in over 30 football matches being played for the One Day One Goal and PeaceFoot Initiatives in the Kongo Central and Kinshasa.

Kijana Educational Empowerment Initiative - Vihiga District, Kenya

2015 - Kijana Educational Empowerment Initiative united students from three different tribes of Kenya to celebrate and exchange their cultural values on Peace Day, they also distributed Peace Education Posters to various schools in the district.

2014 - Students and young people came together to celebrate Peace Day with a variety of activities including art, music, traditional dances, tree planting, rap and poetry performances and much more on the theme: Who Will You Make Peace With?

Berlin Metropolitan School - Berlin, Germany

All the students were asked to wear white for the day and one student was selected to give an opening speech about Peace Day. Each student received a white, organic ballon with a peace symbol to which they attached their wishes for peace and the celebrations concluded with a mass balloon release.

Menelik Education - Kinshasa, DRC

Menelik Education is a UK based organisation that also works in Kinshasa, DRC. They focus on empowering local communities, promoting greater engagement and participation to improve the lives of its residents and members. In 2015, they organised a powerful campaign with schools aiming to break down barriers between different groups and students. Some of their activities included discussions about the concept of peace and equality, conflict resolution workshops, sport, theatre and a peace meal bringing everybody together.

Salesian Institute Youth Projects - Cape Town, South Africa

In preparation for Peace Day this year they organised and held a workshop about peace building and conflict resolution. On Peace Day they distributed 1,000 Peace Packs and messages to the community, and had a parade with gumboot dancing, drumming, singing and dancing which was all documented with a ‘flying’ camera.

Vijana Corps & Youth Equality Center (YEC) – Moroto, Uganda

For Peace Day this year, Vijana Corps and YEC organised a range of activities including dances, events in Moroto Prison and Film4PEACE, a 4-day youth festival in post conflict communities in North Uganda involving film screenings and debates with young people. On 21 September, they hosted 500 young people at the Moroto Peace Festival featuring local artists. In the lead up to the day they also organised four workshops with Youth Clubs to discuss different topics including peace, conflict resolution and entrepreneurship. 

Scripture Union Rwanda – Kigali, Rwanda

Scripture Union Rwanda has been supporting Peace Day for several years, and this year was no different. They organised an entire Peace Week involving around 30,000 students to celebrate Peace Day. Some of the activities included peace prayers and peace conferences in schools and a Peace Walk on 21 September. 90 students also attended and enjoyed the Youth Celebration at the Petit Stade Amahoro in Kigali.

St. Mark's Sr. Sec. Public School – Delhi, India

The school organised different activities with all the students from classes I to V. Their activities included fabulous poster making and origami competitions, creating greeting cards on the theme of world peace and various art for peace projects. The day culminated in a peace march and presentation to the winners of the competitions.

Africa Foundation for Civic Education and Development (AFFO-CED) – Kampala, Uganda

For Peace Day this year, AFFO-CED held a dynamic dialogue meeting with head teachers from 30 different schools to discuss how to prevent violence in schools and how to use Peace Clubs to promote peace amongst young people.

Gordonstoun School - Scotland, UK

Every year Gordonstoun School celebrate Peace Day by making a human peace sign and this year their efforts went bigger than before with not only the word peace but "Believe in Peace".

Association des Scouts du Sud-Kivu (ASSK) – Bukavu, DRC

In 2014, the Scouts from across the region came together on Peace Day in Bukavu, the capital of South Kivu, to visit the city's Central Jail. Throughout the day the scouts shared messages of peace with the inmates and spoke to the younger inmates about the dangers of drugs, alcohol and crime. Under the slogan 'Peace Starts With Me', the scouts distributed bread, soap and clothes to the younger inmates, celebrating the power of Peace Day to bring people together.

United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA) – Singapore

UWCSEA in Singapore marked the day with numerous activities across their 2 campuses, involving approximately 5000 children. Their events included peace selfies, Facebook profile challenge, film screenings, a giant hand print collage of a peace sign, peace pledges in origami cranes and henna peace tattoos. The focus of their events were a peace conference run by the students in which they explored the theme of discrimination and how it disrupts inner peace, and a peace concert showcasing the student bands.

Youth Change and Peace Agent Network (YCPAN) - Kisumu & Siaya, Kenya

YCPAN organised a range of activities in two locations in Kenya for Peace Day in 2014.

In Kisumu County, young people came together through dance, drama and football matches to recognise the significance of the youth in promoting peace, unity and conflict mitigation in Kenya. The One Day One Goal matches were carried out as part of the campaign entitled Soccer Against Violence.

In Siaya County, the day started with a tree planting ceremony which was followed by a youth march through the town centre. At the local stadium they shared a symbolic peace torch to youth representatives.

Social Care Youth Initiative (SCYI) – Nyamagabe, Rwanda

On Peace Day in 2014, four football games between three school football teams were played to help young people develop skills and attitudes needed to build a harmonious society. Messages of peace, reconciliation and contribution to the development of a peaceful and tolerant society were shared at the games.

Francis de Sales Central School – West Virginia, USA

In 2013, Francis de Sales Central School and their NGO were heavily involved in marking Peace Day with a school-wide event and a prayer service.  Their NGO, WVCBL/PSALM, also called for the ban of landmines and cluster munitions.